Operations Team

Operations Team

Australian Collegiate Esports maintains an operations team made up of key people to execute the vision set by the Executive and supported by club delegates.


If you’d like to be involved in the operations team contact president@acesports.org.au



Advisor (Direction) – Drew Camilleri

Manager (Marketing) – Eric Lee

State Rep (Western Australia) – Peter Pitt-Lancaster

Competitions & Communities

Administrator (Discord) – William Javro

Team Lead – Isamu Torii

Member – Vignesh Krishnan

Member – Hayden Baker

Member – Benjamin Savedra

Member – Lewis Fitter

Member – Tyler Beale

Member – Ryan Hendriks

Member – Kyle Adams

Member – Christian Ranford

Member – Nathan Sukamto

Team Lead – Connor King

Member – Ambrose He

Team Lead – Connor Kinkead

Member – Cameron McHeyzer

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